• 014: It’s cool to say you have an X

    We talk about ditching PS4 for Xbox One, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and Disney taking over every franchise… even Futurama.

  • 013: Ebanschnobben & Jehoshaphat

    We toss out any plans to talk about what we’ve been doing, watching, or playing and instead discuss… Names, Words, Language, Life, the Universe, and Stars!

  • 012: Cheers to VR

    We finally get around to talking about Void Bastards before spending almost all our time talking about VR (until yet again devolving to movies and TV)

  • 011: Fliggin’ Void Lions

    The Lion King starts a conversation about CG in movies and SNES vs Genesis, transitions to game controllers, until ultimately stopping off at Anecdote City. A Second Gear Studios Production

  • 010: Virtual Octopus Party

    We talk about our virtual LAN party of Mario Kart in 2019 and transition into badmouthing old consoles, the Switch Lite, Game Pass, Nintendo Online, PS4, and Movies, TV, and […]

  • 009: Immortal Brain Technocracy

    Neuralink, immortality, transporters, replicators, and the possibility of dark futures are the focus of this conversation before trailing off into – mostly related – movies.

  • 007: Witching Hats in the Dark

    Attempts to talk about Super Mario Maker 2 and Witcher 3 get side-railed by A Hat In Time and The Long Dark

  • 006: The Return of Ares

    God of War, E3, and rebuying Skyrim way too often highlight this episode along with someone claiming defeat for #nogames2019 and #lessgames2019

  • 005: Red-Headed Barbarians in Space

    We talk about sound and music as well as tv shows and movies before hitting our main topic: Conan Exiles

  • 004: Sci-Fi Banners of Guilt

    From what we’ve been playing, deep dives into the Zelda and Mario series, game difficulty, celebrity chef food, to movies and TV shows; we run from subject to subject with […]